Tuesday 20 June 2017

Bae Doona

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Bae Doona was born on October 11, 1979. She is a famous South Korean actress and a photographer. Through her political activists roles like in Mr. Vengeance and in The Host, she gained her popularity outside Korea. She has also done some English speaking roles in films like Cloud Atlas, Jupiter Ascending and in a T.V series Sense 8 from 2015-2017.

 Bae Doona Religion

She is a true Christian by religion and a South Korean by nationality. 

 Bae Doona Political Views

Her political views are not known much as she always busy in her hectic schedules of acting. 

Who is she dating?

This 37 year old actress is currently single but had a romantic relationship with an English Actor Jim Sturgess, her co-star in Cloud Atlas. They started dating from 2012 and in March 2015 Bae's entertainment agency informed that the couple broke up. 

 Bae Doona Hobbies

The very famous Korea's pop star likes to read comic books in her free time. She likes driving and listening to music. Other than this she has a keen eye for shopping and web surfing. 
Doing charity is a noble work liked by Bae and wants to contribute towards the society. 

Interesting Facts

She is influenced from her mother who was a stage dramatist in Korea. 

She was debuted as an actress in 1999 in television school drama.

Won many awards including Director's Cut Award, KBS Drama Award and Asian Films Award. 

She is coy when it comes to sharing her personal life. 

She started her career as a model but later switched to acting.

Her net worth is estimated to be around $20 million. 

She is now acting in Hollywood movies and planning to work in America only.

She is a photographer with a published book of photos of her own. 

Bae is a Hanyang University drop out. 

She is wearing no make up in her movie Barking Dogs Never Bite. 

Instagram is one of her favorite social media. 

She is having her own photography blog. 

In her early ages, she used to watch her mother acting on stage and practice her lines. 

She has learnt martial arts in order to do fight scenes in movies. 

bae has been on the cover page of InStyle Magazine. 

Her favorite actor is Leonardo DiCaprio.

She uses Perfumes by Hanae Mori.

Endless Rain by X Japan is one of her favorite song. 

Bae like others is obsessed with taking selfies. 

Her hand knitted hats by her mother is her favorite possession.