Saturday 24 June 2017

Alexa Davalos

Alexa Davalos, whose full name is Alexa Davalos Dunas is an American actress. She was born and raised in France by American parents on May 28, 1982. Alexa in an only child and now she is settled in New York. She initially started her career as model in order to support herself at the age of seventeen. Later while working in a theater, her passion towards acting grew stronger and she then attended the Off Broadway Flea Theater. She came into recognition with her role in the fourth season of the TV series Angel. Later she has appeared in many Hollywood films, in addition to The Mist, Feast of Love, Defiance and Clash of the Titans. She also bragged a role as a lead character in the famous series The Man in the High Castle of 2015.

[Actor’s Name] Religion

From looking at her paternal side, it is safe to say that Alexa Davalos is a Jewish ever since she was born but she has been very private and tight lipped about her beliefs and religion. In all of her interviews, she continued to keep her judgement about it away from the public eye. Even when stressed by the journalists, she remains to be reserved. But according to a source close to her,  alexas' upbringing was away from any religion.

[Actor’s Name] Political Views

Just like her religion, Alexa maintained her silence in the maters of politics too. She stayed away from bringing her point of view to the spotlight, since she was fearful about things getting blown out of proportion. She always liked a simple life and tries to avoid paparazzi where ever she can and hence stays confidential about her views and believes. 

Who is he/she dating?

Considering how much of a private person Alexa is, it doesn't come out as a surprise that she has never been quite open about her personal life too. But from what an insider has said, she is very serious about about her relationship with her present boyfriend and that she doesn't want to disclose him to the world yet. Since she believes its a personal choice and that she doesn't want to let her professional life effect her personal life. According to another source close to her, Alexa is currently single and that even if she is dating someone, the identity would be reveled only after their marriage.  Now, on who she is actually dating or not will remain a misty until she decides to let the world in into her world.

[Actor’s Name] Hobbies

Alexas' one of the most liked things to do is to travel and also to read. With her busy schedule, Alexa finds it difficult to have time for anything apart from her career for now but she makes sure she spends some quality time with her friends and family. 

Interesting Facts

Alexa Davalos was a bridesmaid of Amanda Righetti ( Reunion costar) in her 2006 wedding.

Her inspiration  to become an actress came at a very young age when she accompanied her mother to Stella Adler's acting classes.

Was 3 years old in her first film debut.