Wednesday 21 June 2017

Alan Tudyk

Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!Alan Wray Tudyk was born in El Paso,Texas on march 16, 1971. He is an American actor and voice actor popular for his roles as Hoban "wash" Washburne in the space western TV series Firefly. He even took chances with Disney by giving voice to a lot of famous Disney animated movie characters.

Alan Tudyk's  Religion

He has a wide variety of ancestry as his father is of polish descent and his mother has German, English and Scottish ancestry. He is very much private about his religion and doesn't open up about it publicly.

Alan Tudyk's Political Views

It is believed that he is a hardcore liberal as he gets into a lot of healthy arguments about politics on the set of firefly with his co-star Adam Baldwin. He's conservative as we can conclude by analysing his twitter account.

Who is he dating?

In December 2015, he got engaged to choreographer Charissa Barton. Later the got married on September 24,2016.

Alan Tudyk's Hobbies

Alan is fond of dogs and excites about spending time with his dogs. He is pretty much nature friendly and a true nature lover. He states trees are his good friends and loves to spend time with greenery. He also loves watching Indian movies as well whenever he gets time.

Interesting Facts

He had a brief experience as stand up comedian as well.

He voiced in a lot of animated movies like Frozen, Big hero, zootopia and Moana.

Was an active member of the Delta Psi Omega fraternity.

Often appears in Disney movies.

Has a star tattoo at his back.