Sunday 11 June 2017

Abigail Breslin

Abigail Kathleen Breslin was born on 14th April 1996. She is an American actress and a singer. She started appearing in the public's eyes ever since she was three by appearing on a TV commercial. Not too late after her first public appearance, she acted in her first film, 'Signs' in 2002 at only five years old. Her most notable works include the movies 'Little Miss Sunshine(2006)', 'Definitely, Maybe(2008)', 'Zombieland(2009)' and 'Rango(2011)'. In September 2015, she began acting in 'Scream Queens' on Fox which was her first regular role on TV.

Abigail Breslin Religion

Abigail, despite being in the industry from such a young age and for such a long time, hasn't been very public about what her faith is and her Twitter feed doesn't disclose much about that either. 
So far, from the information we have, we'd not comment on what her religion is but if we were to make a bet, it would be that she is Christian. 

Abigail Breslin Political Views

Abigail hasn't been vocal about her political views publicly which is strange for someone who the paparazzi have been following ever since a kid. Besides that, her social media profiles don't say much either. However, she was getting quite the criticism for hanging out with Donald Trump's  youngest daughter, Tiffany Trump and defended her decision saying that she has known Tiffany for years. Other than that, going by her Twitter feed, she seems to us like a pretty liberal person. 

Who is she dating?

Abigail Breslin is currently dating Freddie Highmore if Internet sources are to be believed. She hasn't made any public statements about it yet. 
In the past, she has been in relationships with Jack Barakat, who is an American Guitarist and Tom Sturridge, who is a British actor. 
She is also rumoured to have hooked up with Michael Clifford in 2013. 

Abigail Breslin Hobbies

Apart from being an actor, she is also a singer and likes to listen to music quite a lot if we go by her social media profiles. She also likes to collect American Girl dolls and stuffed animals. She also likes to play the guitar and she learned how to play one by watching videos on YouTube. 

Interesting Facts

Abigail Breslin is named after the First Lady of USA, Abigail Adams. 

Abigail seems to have quite a liking for pets, she has two dogs, a cat and a turtle. Not the most common mix. 

She has her own band called "CABB" and her friend, Cassidy Reiff, is a part of it. 

She had her first, real-life kiss with Jake T. Austin who is most known for his work in Disney's "Wizards of Waverly Place" as Max Russo.